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Book a Cab For Valentine’s Day Travelling And Dinner

By February 13, 2017cabinminutes

Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day, is a day that many people celebrate with someone they love. It is celebrated all over the World on 14th Feb each year.

Typical Valentine’s Day activities in Australia include:

  • Enjoy Picnics in the park.
  • Presenting chocolates, flowers, jewelry, or other gift items for their loved ones.
  • Sharing Valentine’s Day messages via social media and radio announcements.
  • A romantic meal at a restaurant.

The day has gained its importance as some people choose Valentine’s Day as the day to propose, while some choose it as their wedding day. You will also find some charities or community organisations holding special events to raise funds for various causes that help others in need. Restaurants keep special dining menu and decorate their places to attract more couples. For people coming from out of the city, the hotels also provide special offers on stay packages.

Valentine’s Day is an observance, but it is not a public holiday in Australia. Restaurants, Theatres, coffee shops, and shops selling Valentine’s Day related products are busy on this day. Those wishing to eat out on Valentine’s Day may need to book with their restaurant of choice in advance. Along with a restaurant, don’t forget to book a Cab as well! The cab demand shoots up on this day.

The Day is celebrated in many countries worldwide. Origins of Valentine’s Day are not clear, but most of the sources believe that it is related to remembering St. Valentine. This Day has become increasingly popular in Australia over the years, particularly during the late 20th century, and it continues to be observed by many Australians today.

The most common symbols of this day is heart shapes, which are used to decorate many things, including cards, trees, wrapping paper, cookies and gift boxes. The special colours of this day are red and pink!

Valentine Day is not only a celebration of romantic love between two people but is also a way of firming the bonds between friends, family, and colleagues. Apart from gifting each other with words of expression, the bouquets also get exchanged.  With advancement in technology, you will obviously find people text messages, videos to their loved ones on this special day.

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