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Continuing Airport Pickups From Essendon, Avalon & Starting From Moorabbin!

By January 23, 2017cabinminutes

We hope you are enjoying the Australian Open 2017 and having fun in Melbourne these days. We would like to introduce you to three main airports from Melbourne for your convenience.

Essendon Airport is covering over 750 acres of land, and it is a public airport serving commercial, corporate-jet, charter and general aviation flights. It is next to the intersection of the Tullamarine and Calder Freeways. It was Melbourne’s first international airport, and in 1970, Tullamarine Airport replaced Essendon as Melbourne’s main airport. We have regular pickups from Essendon airport.

This area was originally known as St Johns, after an early landowner. The airport was proclaimed by the Commonwealth Government in 1921, as Essendon Aerodrome.

Avalon Airport is the second busiest of the four airports serving Melbourne and is in Avalon; Victoria is which is 50 kilometres southwest of Melbourne and 15 km north-east of Geelong. The Avalon Airport Australia Pty Ltd operates this Airport. We are providing pickups from Avalon airport to Melbourne and suburbs.

The airport is in the land of the original indigenous owners, the Wuthaurung People, and a scatter stone area is preserved on the Avalon Airport site, out of respect for the original owners. The land has experienced several changes over the past century.

In the beginning, the airport was a sheep and cattle farm and homestead, founded by James Austin, an immigrant from Glastonbury, Somerset, England. In the year 1952, the Commonwealth Government bought 1,754 hectares of land at Avalon. This land was deemed to be of poor quality farmland due to the abundance of volcanic rocks.

The airport was opened in 1953, to cater for the production of military aircraft. Previously, the Government Aircraft Factories at Fisherman’s Bend, Melbourne had used a runway beside their manufacturing unit. However, newer jet aircraft required a longer runway for safe operations and the airport was further developed to meet the growing needs.

Moorabbin Airport is an aviation airport for light aircraft. It is in between the Melbourne suburbs of Heatherton, Cheltenham, Dingley Village and Mentone Australia. It opened in December 1949. The airport name was changed to Moorabbin (which is also known as Harry Hawker) Airport in 1989, after pioneering Australian aviator Harry George Hawker.

We are stating airport pickups from these airports to everywhere in Melbourne with luxury vehicles and expect the same support from our esteemed customers. Keep enjoying Melbourne travelling in comfortable cabs.

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