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What Should You Know About Melbourne Airport Taxi Booking?

By August 7, 2017cabinminutes

Arriving at Melbourne airport one should know about the convenience. He/she must have knowledge about how to reach his/her destination from Melbourne airport. There are easy public transportation available i.e. bus, train, tram or taxi. If someone prefers a comfortable journey, Melbourne airport taxi booking is the best option.

6 important tips about Melbourne airport taxi booking:

  • Booking taxi is the quickest alternative to reach your location from Melbourne airport.
  • You can catch a cab from the designated ranks of Melbourne airport or find these ranks at the ground floor outside of terminal 1, 2, and 3.
  • You can go for local taxis also.
  • Some taxi booking services are also available like We professional experts are here to provide you the best and comfortable service. We will offer you taxi Melbourne airport to any location where you wish to go.
  • Pre-paid taxis are also available. Someone is traveling late night or early morning. Pre-paid taxi can be an option to avail.
  • It is not advisable to get taxis from unregistered taxi drivers. A direct approach to passengers from cab drivers is not authorized in Australia though it is common scenario worldwide.
  • You should collect your receipt from the cab driver. The receipt contains all the information including vehicle number, driver’s registration number, the name of taxi service and distance traveled by then and fare details.

How to Recognize Unauthorized Taxi?

If someone is arriving at Melbourne airport for the first time then it is difficult to differentiate between authorized taxi services and those unauthorized. Registered taxi has the number plate with “Accredited taxi services” written on it.

How to Hire a Limousine?

Melbourne airport taxi bookingThis is a luxurious alternative to a taxi. If you want to feel like royal limousine is your best option. It is a bit expensive but lavish. Rates vary between the ranges of $80-$150. Price depends on the type of vehicle you are choosing and distance of destination from Melbourne airport. Melbourne airport Limousine taxi may be experienced at least once. A lavish royal memorable journey you can gift yourself.

How to calculate taxi fare?

Taxi fares can be calculated by taxi calculator. You can simply calculate the fare according to your distance of destination and the time of travel. Designated taxi ranks of Melbourne airport provide their fare charts which you can consider as a reference. For CabInMinutes taxi service, we will provide you the best service with a moderate fare.

Melbourne airport taxi booking services include various options. A person arriving for the first time or other regular passenger hasn’t to face any difficulties to choose any of these services.

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