Options of Silver Service Cabs In Minutes

Silver Service Cabs is one of the flagship services of ours. It is meant for the corporate clients who need to use the transport very frequently and need the best quality of services. Especially for them we have launched this service so that they can travel with luxury, comfort and while travelling they have leisure. With the additional uniqueness of silver service cabs in Minutes we have won the hearts of not only our clients but also people and have become a brand throughout metropolitan Victoria. Let us see the options available to us when we hire silver cabs:

Pre Bookings: We providing silver service cabs in Minutes need to request you to please make the booking prior so that we can be in full condition to deliver the best and prove our commitments true. It is going to make your life easy too as you can focus on other tasks better once you have made the booking and just come at the spot where you need to board the taxi. The driver will take the efforts to find you out as we have one feature of Mobile point pick up.

Door-to-door Service: The silver service cabs in Minutes is a door-to-door service which means that the drivers will drop the people as well as the parcels exactly to the doorsteps of the point of departure. Generally, it has been noticed that the drivers are little casual and they may leave the parcels maybe at the address mentioned but are not responsible to hand it over to the person concerned or some drivers may ask for more charges for moving a small distance of 100m even. So, do not worry at all, we do not tend to lose scads of money for pennies. As the penny is the little extra cash and scads of money is equivalent to your happiness and satisfaction.

Preferred Drivers: The service which promises to provide you the preferred drivers is called as First Choice Drivers. This is one of the rewards of ours as a brand. As the drivers are preferred by the customers of ours because of their genuine and caring attitude; which proves that if we train them to behave well with the customers and give them a warm and sweet welcome they dedicatedly do it.  This option gives our clients a sense of familiarity during a journey meant to bring some professional advantage.

Airport transfers: This service for silver service cabs in Minutes is for both people and things. Things are called as parcels. These parcels can have documents, articles, suitcase, etc which one may need to transfer from one place to another. The service of airport transfer is 24/7 with your peace of mind. We are sure to be punctual and help you or/and your belongings catch the flight in our fully serviced and insured vehicles. The coverage of airport transfer option is the entire suburb region and CBD around Victoria.

Pickup Point: The pickup point is an option that differs from the option of your coming at a particular place and delivering the parcel to be taken to another place. The pickup point is the place where the driver is supposed to pick up the parcel or the individual or individuals from transport. The drivers of silver service cabs in Minutes are so well trained and smart that they would locate you wherever you are and would drop you till the doorstep of your choice of point of destination.

Parcel Delivery: This is as the name reflects that is for the sake of delivery of the parcels. This option clarifies in front of us that you want to send the parcel or parcels only. The content of the parcel can be breakable also as we guarantee comfort, luxury and safety not only for the human beings but also for the things even when they are brittle. However the parcel or the packaging should meet the standards of transport as a little important condition.

Station Wagons: This is also an option to board the parcels or to get the parcels on board for transfer in Victoria. These are the bigger vehicles than cars at some particular stations and are meant to do the similar function of transportation. Please do not be under any kind of doubt that whether these wagons are going to carry the parcels with some clumsiness. Not at all, this is after all one of the options of silver service cabs in Minutes so it is sure to comply with the standards.

Serving the Corporate: The term Silver Service, is basically for the corporate!  As we also wish to contribute in the development of the corporate world and indirectly the country. The Silver service cabs in Minutes offers a personalized service option for the corporate clients where one can get the best of rates on transportation and many other luxurious features too.

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