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5 Reasons Hiring a Taxi from Malvern East to Airport is Recommended

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Hiring a cab to reach airport is the most recommended and reliable practice. No matter you are headed towards the airport from your home or your office, an efficient cab service provider will make sure you reach safe & on time. If this isn’t enough to convince to take a Malvern East to Airport Cab, here we have 5 reasons for hiring a cab for an easy and hassle-free commute to the Airport.

Hassle-Free Travel:

Thanks to the internet, Taxi booking to Melbourne Airport has become really easy. Moreover, the taxi service providers ensure that you have a really smooth and hassle-free travel. If you do not book a taxi in advance, you have to stand in a long queue and wait for hours to get a taxi. Even after this, there are no chances that you will have a really smooth ride back home or to the airport.

Friendliness Blended With Professionalism:

Private taxi drivers can be over-friendly and many times there are cases registered for the misbehavior of the driver by many taxi boarders. However, when you avail a taxi Melbourne service from Cab-In-Minutes, we ensure that the drivers offer you the right treatment that you deserve. All our drivers are friendly but within the limit of professionalism.

Malvern East to Airport

We Never Make You Wait:

For us, your time is the most valuable asset. So, when you hire a taxi from Glen Iris to Airport, we take prior note of the route, the expected traffic and then confirm the booking and expected time it will take to complete the ride.


While most of the taxi service providers may raise their prices in the peak hour, we offer you the most affordable prices 24/7. We are the most economical choice for Taxi booking to Melbourne Airport.


All our drivers are expert and experienced in driving through the lanes of Melbourne. We ensure to offer a safe ride to & from the Airport.

So, next time you have to travel from Malvern East to Airport, do not hesitate in hiring CabInMinutes and we promise to make your travel as swift as possible.


Enjoy A Business Class Travel With Our Silver Service

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What is Special about Silver Service?

Silver Service Vehicles are luxury vehicles with a long wheelbase for that extra level of comfort. Features may include more legroom, climate control, whisper quiet ride and advanced sound systems. The features can differ from vehicle to vehicle, but we provide the best fleet for our Silver Class passengers.

The Silver Service drivers have proven track record in the provision of a high level of customer service. They provide a professional and superior service at all times. Every Silver Service driver is courteous, helpful and they present themselves with a high standard of personal grooming at all times.

The Silver Service Booking includes a contact number for the client. Once a driver has a Silver Service booking they will call the client and tell a realistic estimated time for pick up. We understand the importance of punctuality to our Silver Service clients.

How we try to differ from other Taxi services?

We care for our passengers, and we care for their comfort. We understand the difference between requirements of different guests coming to Melbourne. Along with our regular services, we can offer you a first class level of luxury, comfort, and amenities, accommodating business or leisure travel in a highly convenient manner.

Our service provides a selection of transport services specifically designed to satisfy corporate requirements. Confidentiality, reliability, safety and comfort are always important at our Service; We have a large and varied range of Car’s for any occasion. We run regular transportation services for major companies and events, as well as for Airport transfers throughout the Melbourne.

The personalised aspect of our Silver Service is catering to the specific needs of the corporate sector. Our representatives use recommended routes to calculate the most efficient route and fare for your trip during the estimation process.

What you can expect from us is:

• A clean, nice and comfortable Taxi in excellent working condition
• You’ll know the Fare before you book
• All tolls and charges are part of the estimate
• No hidden surprises
• Our drivers will take you through the fastest route available
• Your payment and receipts are automated and added to your account

We believe in providing a personalised high-class service when passengers are expecting the same through our Silver Service. We are sure, once you try this service, you will always prefer this service. You deserve the best, and we strive to serve the best!

Frustrated With Taxi Queue? Why Wait When You Can Book Cab Online?

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Melbourne is heating up due to Australian Open 2017! The temperature is high, and the number of Sports fans entering the City is increasing each day. The rush is going to be to be there until the end of this month as AO 2017 is till 29th Jan! The number of guests is likely to cross 800,000, and you can imagine the pressure each transport system is going to face from now till the end of tournaments. You will already see people standing at Taxi ranks and spending a lot of time in the queue.

The Online Taxi Services are not new to the World now, and many big players have already entered the market. You know about the online bookings, online payments and mobile Apps for taxi bookings also. What you need to know is the good taxi service at your destination. Whether you are a tourist or a sports fan, the taxi service is a prime service you need all-day along and probably 24 X 7 in present situation.
There are many taxi services in Melbourne and most of them operate for Airport transfers also. You should know about a taxi service which provides good and clean cabs where you pay by the meter, and the drivers should be friendly. You need to give them a call or book online through the internet and make sure the cab is waiting for you when you reach Melbourne.

Don’t spoil your mood by waiting in long queues. Instead, call the quick service providing cab with great, nice air-conditioned cabs and reach quickly at your hotel or the sports venue.

You can expect the cab to be waiting for you outside the Airport and the taxi service should accommodate the last minute delays in the flight. We try to provide this kind of service to our best. We at ‘Cab In Minutes‘ understands the practical issues of our passengers and accommodate the service requests. The environment in the City is full of energy, enthusiasm and Tennis are the buzz word. You can come and enjoy the Australian Open and also enjoy visiting other places in the City and around.

We can take you to different places at your convenient and can make your stay comfortable and enjoyable with our premium service. Beat the Taxi queues, book online and travel comfortably using the good taxi service. You can call us on +61 416 271 787.

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