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Enjoy a Busy weekend in the City and Have a ride on Dandenong Taxi

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Something about Dandenong:

Dandenong is major activity centre and has great connectivity with the other suburbs in Melbourne metropolitan area. It is situated at the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges and on the Dandenong Creek. It has many European immigrants, and major development projects are part of 2030 policy. The population density is higher due to transit-related development. Dandenong taxi is playing an important role in the transport in this suburb.

Transport from this Area:

This area has a lot of dependency on private vehicles due to poorer public transport compared to other suburbs which are near the CBD. Dandenong taxi, as per our pre-set fares should cost you $100 to/from CBD. For Airport pick up/drop, it should cost you between $120 and $145. We provide luxury taxi service to/from this location as well.

Sports and Activities in Melbourne this Weekend:

The final weekend of summer is going to be busy with sports activities and cultural programs. You can have a look at the key activities listed at the bottom of this post.

The Dandenong area is known for Cricket and Soccer, and many fans from this suburb will be interested in attending these events. Do you know that the Dandenong Stadium is known for Dandenong Rangers, which is an Australian Women’s Basketball League team?

Many sports events occur at the Melbourne Rectangular Stadium; It is famous by the name AAMI Park. It is on the site of Edwin Flack Field and has many Rugby Teams as their regulars here. The stadium will be very busy this weekend also.

Precautions for our Guests coming to attend these Events:
  • The weather is cloudy, and there is some drizzling in this area. Over the weekend, there are some chances of rains and better to carry your rainwear to make sure you enjoy the events.
  • Give us a call and let us know your preference of Taxi for the events
  • If you are coming from nearby cities, book your hotel as soon as possible and book a taxi from Melbourne Airport to CBD
Key Activities for this Weekend:
  • Friday, 24th

7:40PM – 10:00PM


7:50PM – 9:40PM


  • Saturday, 25th

7:50PM – 9:40PM


  • Sunday, 26th

2:00 PM – LATE


Enjoy this last summer weekend great events, nice food, and our first class taxi service!

Melbourne Airport to City Transport Contributes to the Most Liveable City!

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Have you heard that Australian cities were found to be more stable than cities in other countries? There was a recent survey conducted by The Economist magazine’s Intelligence Unit. Our Melbourne was ranked the world’s most liveable city for the fifth time! The other Australian cities are also on the list. They are – Adelaide fifth, Sydney seventh, Perth eighth and Brisbane 18th. It is the same ranking all these cities got last year also. One of the reasons for any city be liveable is the transport in that city, and there is considerable improvement in last ten years in the Melbourne Airport to City transport.


We all should be proud of living in the most liveable city in the World, and we have to act smart in all our ways of maintaining the ‘public face’ of this city. Cleanliness is an important aspect of any survey, and we try our best to maintain this city clean. We should be more careful about not littering any public places. We expect a cool, clean cab when we hire the western suburbs taxi, and the same way you will have to maintain the other public transport systems also.

Melbourne Airport to City

Smart ways of Communication and Transport:

Apart from cleanliness, you should also focus on smart ways of communication and commute. The days are gone when everyone was using calling booths and standing in taxi ranks. Now are the days with smartphones, tablets, and laptops. You can send a text message, book online and can call with one touch through your smartphone. Use all these methods and get in touch with a smart taxi service of the city and expect a professional service.

Melbourne Airport TO City Taxi Service:

When you land on any of the Melbourne Airports, you can call us. You can expect an English speaking, a well-mannered driver with a clean cab waiting for you at the Airport. There are standard, and silver services and you have a choice of small and big size hired cars along with limo service.  You have a wide choice to select from our large fleet of Taxis.

We are trying to setup a different standard for Melbourne Airport to City transport. We have multiple initiatives for our customers, and you can engage with us for a long term. Also We maintain customer accounts and pass on many price benefits to our customers including a pre-set price list for suburbs to Airport and CBD.

Find Our Dandenong Taxi Cost Melbourne

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You are travelling with us and have given us a chance to serve you during all events in the city. It is always a good idea to work with new and existing customers and provide them the best services. To add to our customer friendly package of services, we decided to create a price list! Are you fed-up of calling a taxi service each time you want to know taxi cost Melbourne? We have made it simple by publishing a set price list for any suburb to the City (CBD).

Inclusion of all Suburbs:

You must have seen ‘Taxi Fare Calculator’ and ‘Quote Forms’ on many other websites, and we decided to make it simpler. As an example, you can see that the famous suburb of Dandenong is not a part of pre-set price. It is about 30 km to the southeast of Melbourne and Dandenong Taxi should cost you $100 to/from City and between $120 and $145 to/from Melbourne Airport. We provide luxury taxi service to/from this location, and we are sure you will enjoy the same.

taxi cost Melbourne

What you can see now is the alphabetical list of suburbs and the corresponding fare to/from City and to/from the Airport. It will make very convenient to quickly check the best offer on Taxi cost Melbourne by your favourite cab! We have spent a lot of time in calculating the distance and best possible fare for each suburb to make it easy for you.

Nearby Cities with Pre-set Fare:

We also get requests for transport from other nearby cities of Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Portsea and Mornington and have considered them in the price list. Based on your distance from CBD or Airport, your offer can be as low as $40 also! The same cool cabs with friendly drivers and same courtesy at more affordable price now!

Why use our Services?

We have regular customers who have their Account with us, and they get additional loyalty benefits. You can book your Melbourne Cab with us by online, by phone, by SMS, and by email. We accept all credit & debit cards for payment making it convenient for you to get off the taxi with your bill.

Our cabs have a GPS-based location tracking system, new papers, and Wi-fi on the ride. It is a 24/7 service anywhere around the city. We hope to see you on board soon!

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