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Taxi from Melbourne Airport

How much is a Taxi from Melbourne Airport to the City?

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Taxi services have made our life easier. Undoubtedly, if someone does not have a personal vehicle, they can hire a taxi and easily reach their destination. But when you are going for Melbourne Airport taxi services or taxi services for any other location, there is a curiosity about how much you need to pay.

The amount you need to pay for the services depends on different factors. Let’s discuss all of them in detail!

Factors affecting the price of a taxi from Melbourne airport to the city:

In this section, we dive on to the factors affecting the taxi airport prices: –

·         The service provider you chose:

The service provider you choose to get the services has a major impact on the price. Every airport transfer in Melbourne comes up with different prices, and accordingly, they charge the same. If you are getting services from CABINMINUTES, then within $55 to $65, you will be able to get the services seamlessly. They are among the top taxi service providers in Melbourne.

·         Type of taxi you are taking:

The service provider you choose comes up with the different types of taxi services. Some service providers offer silver service taxis and regular taxi services to the city or airport. The type of taxi you are choosing has a major impact on the fare price you need to pay. In general, as compared to the regular service, the silver service taxi is a bit expensive.

·         Type of service you are taking:

There are so many people who take the cab services for the entire day from the airport to the city and explore the different places around. In that case, the amount you need to pay for the service is slightly high because the entire day of the chauffeur will be spent with you. You can check the price for the entire day on the portal and get an idea of whether it fits you or not.

·         Taxes you need to pay:

Some taxes are there that you need to pay whenever you are going for Melbourne cab services. Accordingly, there will be an impact on the price. In general, the taxes charged by the service provider are almost the same. But some service providers also add on some additional charges, which again make Melbourne Airport taxi booking an expensive affair.

Following are the parameters that have a major impact on the price you need to pay for taxi to the city. Research about the Best service provider around and then get the best services. We suggest you get in touch with CABINMINUTES because here you will be able to find out top-class services that too at a very affordable price. You can simply book the services in advance or immediately without having any thought about additional expenses!

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How to book a taxi to the airport in Melbourne?

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Booking taxi services is becoming very easy these days. There is no need for an individual to engage in any complicated procedure to complete it. But still, some people are there who do not know how to utilize the online portal to book a taxi.

If you’re looking forward to booking a taxi to the airport in Melbourne and you have no clue how you can do it, keep reading till the last. Here in this article, we discuss the entire booking process in detail so that there will be no problems!

The process of booking a taxi to the airport in Melbourne: –

In this section, we will be discussing the complete steps to booking a taxi to any city or airport in detail: –

Step 1: Visit the online portal of the taxi service provider. This article will walk you through the steps necessary to book a taxi through Cab In Minutes. Visit

Step 2: The “Book Now Online” option is available on the main page. Click on it. It will be redirected to the next page asking for ride details. Mention all of them.

Step 3: When you mention the ride details, you need to mention the pickup location, drop-off location, pickup time, pickup date, and the extra hour you need.

Step 4: After mentioning all these details, choose the vehicle. They have different types of vehicles available and, according to your convenience, you can choose one.

Step 5: After finalizing the vehicle, enter the contact details. The contact details must be genuine, and make sure to cross-check them before submitting.

Step 6: Finally, you are directed to a booking summary where the taxi to airport fare charges and other details are mentioned. Go through them carefully.

When you have reached the booking summary, you will receive a successful booking notification on the registered mobile number and email address. This can be useful on the day of booking.

So yes, this is the simplest procedure people need to follow whenever they wish to book a Melbourne taxi to the airport. It doesn’t matter which location you are going to. This is the process you need to follow for booking a taxi always.

CabInMinutes is coming up with the best taxi services in Melbourne. You just need to mention your details, and within no time, your booking will get confirmed.

Also, if you have changed your mind and you are no longer looking forward to travelling, you can cancel the taxi to the airport or city easily. Just visit the online portal and do it!

pre-booking a taxi

Advantages of Pre-Booking a Taxi in Melbourne!

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We are in the generation where time is money. This is something we have been listening from a very long time. But most of us waste time travelling only when it is about reaching the location, especially Melbourne Airport.

Sometimes we are at fault, or sometimes the cab service provider. But do you know that the problem from the cab service provider side can be resolved if you choose the pre-booking option? Yes, you read it right. If you are planning to go to Airport, the Melbourne Taxi service can be booked in advance.

Yes, the pre-booking of a taxi to the Airport and other destinations saves most of your time. If you have no idea why is this a preferable choice, have a look at the advantages we are discussing below!

Advantages of pre-booking a taxi in Melbourne:

·         Pick-up from various locations:

When you book a cab to the Airport or any other location in advance, you get the option to choose the exact sport from where the chauffeur needs to pick you up. Sometimes in a hurry, you need to travel a bit to reach them. But in pre-booking, you can mention all the details in advance, and the cab person will reach the specified location.

·         Different coupons/offers:

With pre-booking Melbourne Taxi service, users get various coupons or offers from the side of the service provider. These offers are in link with the fare charges and the benefits that you can avail of on the next ride with the same cab service provider.

·         Time saviour:

We do not like to waste time, and thankfully after choosing the taxi Melbourne pre-booking option, we are doing it. Now there is no need for people to stand in long queues to get the taxi available. Yes, the service provider offers the option to book a cab for 24 hours or a week too. So as per the need, people can choose the option and book the services.

·         Special arrangements can be made in advance:

There are some people who are travelling with a child, and for it, they need child care. With pre-booking, people have the option to alter the services. They can mention they are in need of a child chair as well, and the cab service provider will make the arrangements accordingly.

So yes, there are the advantages people will have after choosing the pre-booking taxi in Melbourne option. Well, do not feel confused if you wish to avail the services when CabInMinutes has the option. We are the best cab service provider in Melbourne for getting the services to different parts of the city!



CabInMinutes: Best Service Provider For a Taxi in Melbourne!

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Are you looking forward to booking a taxi to the city? Are you looking for some genuine service provider that can cater to your needs of travelling? If yes, then go nowhere when CABINMINUTES is available at your services.

We are the best service provider offering the option to book taxis in Melbourne in just a few steps. If you have no clue what makes them the best, just have a look at the parameters discussed below!

Parameters making CabInMinutes the best Melbourne Taxi provider:

·         Pre-booking options:

Pre-booking option is a time saver for most of us around. Thankfully, after pre-booking, there will be no need for you to wait for 15-30 minutes to get the cab at your doorstep. You can simply book a Melbourne taxi in advance and enjoy a hassle-free ride without wasting too much of your time.

·         Affordable services:

Among all the companies available offering the taxi to Airport or to any other destination in the city, they come up with affordable packages. There will be no need for people to burn their pockets to pay the taxi bill. You can have a look at the below table:

  • Cheltenham to the Airport – $90 to $100
  • Dandenong to the Airport – $95 to $105
  • Kew to the Airport – $70 to $80
  • Port Melbourne to the Airport – $60 to $70
  • Saint Kilda to the Airport – $60 to $70
  • Bayswater to the Airport – $$100 to $110
  • Croydon to the Airport – $95 to $105
  • South Yarra to the Airport – $60 to $70
  • Melbourne to the Airport – $50 to $60

·         24/7 availability:

We never know when the emergency will knock on the door and there is a need to get a taxi. With Melbourne Taxi services, they offer 24/7 access. Yes, the operational timings are so convenient that at any time of the day, people can rely on them for the services.

·         Professionals to deal with:

The major factor that makes CabInMinutes stand out from the competition is its staff. They are so professional that people love to have them as their chauffeurs. They do not blabber throughout the passage and also understand that a customer must get enough space so that they feel comfortable through the journey.

·         Hassle-free booking:

Exploring the booking process, you will be happy to know that their online portal is enough for it. Just log in on the portal and head to the booking section. If somehow you are not able to access the online portal, you can connect with them over the call.

·         Different payment modes:

Last but not least, when choosing a taxi from Airport or from any other part of the city, usually people doubt the payment methods available. Thankfully, with them, you can feel free to consider it too. They accept different modes of payment, including credit cards, debit cards and so on. You can make the payments at your convenience.

Following are the parameters making us the best Melbourne Taxi service provider. What are you waiting for? Book the services now and enjoy a hassle-free ride!

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How Do I Get A Taxi From Melbourne Airport?

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Travelling is something we all enjoy and love to do too. But the problem arises when we are not sure how to head towards our destination. Well, right now, Luxury Airport transfers are available that can cater to this need of yours.

Yes, you read it right. Now there will be no problem a traveller face when they wish to go from Melbourne Airport to city. But the question is how you can get the Taxi in a hassle-free way? Hold on and keep reading. Here we are discussing the process helpful in doing the taxi bookings easily!

How to book the Taxi from the Melbourne airport?

Booking a taxi is very easy from the Melbourne Airport. When you are at the Domestic or International terminals at Airport, you will find out that pre-booking for the Taxi from the Airport is available with cab providers around.

Now there is no need for you to wait for longer durations to get a cab when this option caters to your needs. The best part is the company offers online and offline modes for pre-booking, and as per convenience, users can get the services.

Features making pre-booking a reliable choice for Taxi from Airport:

There are so many reasons for making pre-booking Melbourne taxi option a reliable choice among users:

·         Affordable services:

The taxi services from Melbourne Airport to the city are affordable. Users can get the services with some lucrative offers while choosing pre-booking options.

·         24/7 availability:

24/7 availability is something that excites users a lot. This pre-booking feature works every time, and users can get the services easily. They can book the services at any time of the day.

·         Updates considering the ride:

In case there is any update considering the ride from the service provider side, the customer will receive it. Also, in case there is any change in the plan, the customer can update it to the service provider so that the services can be altered. This works in both ways.

·         Easy payment:

Easy payment options are also there. From debit card to credit card, every payment mode is accepted by the Taxi from the Airportprovider, and users can use the options accordingly.

How much does it cost to pre-book the Taxi from the Airport?

The Airport Taxi Fare is determined by so many factors. But on average, the cost to pre-book the taxi services to a particular destination revolves around $15-$120. The final prices can be determined after finalizing the drop location from the Airport.

So yes, Book the Melbourne Airport Pickup services now and be ready to travel without any stress. Do look here and there when CabInMinutes is always available to offer the services. From pre-booking to spot booking, all the options are available with them!

Online Taxi Booking, The Best Way To Commute This Christmas

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Christmas is finally here; the most awaited day of the year that is a direct synonym to fun, festivity, family & friends. The festival sees everyone enjoy in the spirit of care and togetherness and even the cold breezes outside don’t let the inner warmth fade off. It is very common for people to host family dinners or parties or even hit a restaurant to celebrate the coming of Santa Claus. If you have planned something similar, it is wise to prefer online taxi booking for a convenient commute.

Visiting the neighborhoods in Melbourne:

Whether you are planning to visit Carlton for some delicious pizzas or having delicious Lebanese food at Brunswick, you will need the best taxi service in Melbourne. Even if you have visited your parents at Elwood, Collingwood or East Melbourne, the most convenient and easy to hire way is a taxi Melbourne. We offer 24/7 taxi service in Melbourne to ensure you reach your destination in time and with ultimate comfort.

online taxi booking

Tips for hiring the best taxi service in Melbourne:

There are many taxi service providers in Melbourne that might claim to offer you the most comfortable ride ever. Sadly, the reality is different. There are hundreds of reports against taxi services accusing them of delayed pickup, unprofessional behaviors, rash driving and even last minute denial. So, how are you going to make sure that you are hiring the best service provider? Here are some tips:

  • Hire a professional, someone who is reputed and trusted by its users. At Cab In Minutes, we are rated as the best taxi service provider in Melbourne.
  • Pre-book an airport taxi to avoid last minute hassle. We offer Melbourne Airport Taxi pick & drop services to our customers at the best affordable price to ensure they do not waste time in negotiation and waiting for a cab.
  • Get instant service with reputed car taxi service: at Cab in Minutes we understand the importance of last minute plans and thus offer instant taxi Melbourne services. Hire us and have a safe and convenient drive to your favorite place.
  • Cheap & fair rentals: We believe in transparency and thus have a clear fare charging system. Pay the right fare for any ride and enjoy Christmas with your family & friends.

Online Taxing Booking in Melbourne:

Cab In Minutes is the best Online Taxing Booking website in Melbourne. We offer affordable & convenient rides in Melbourne, connecting every neighborhood in the city.


Easy Way to Book Taxis From Melbourne Airport To CBD

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Whether you are a tourist looking forward to a short and comfortable stay in the city or on an important business tour, you’ll need cab services under all circumstances. It helps to have a friendly provider for this purpose, so you can go about your work (or leisure) with ease! For people on important work and with time constraints, getting from Melbourne Airport to CBD is a top priority. It sometimes turns into a major issue because first-timers tend to come in with little information and consequently, a lot of worries!

How far is CBD from Melbourne?

Melbourne CBD, or the Central Business District, is just 23 km away from the Tullamarine Airport, the main airport of the city. Depending on traffic conditions, you can get yourself from Melbourne Airport To Melbourne CBD within 25 to 30 minutes, if you take a cab.

How do I book a Taxi?

The best way to get a confirmed taxi booking is to have an account with CabInMinutes, which provides quick online booking service. We are one of the leading online cab services in Melbourne. You can safely use to hail a taxi right from the airport. You can open a free account on the site to get an interactive online platform.

Travel From Melbourne Airport To CBD Easily

If you are looking for a taxi company to get you from Melbourne Airport To Melbourne CBD, look no further! CabInMinutes provides you the easiest and most cost-effective way to book taxis from Melbourne airport. The cars are safe and comfortable enough to give you a pleasant ride. The best thing is, you can avail cabs by directly calling our customer helplines. We will confirm your arrival schedule and your ride will be there on time!

So are looking forward to a trip to Melbourne? Where you will need to get from Melbourne Airport To CBD, take a look at our website. Choose the most suitable ride for yourself.

History of Taxi Service and Today’s Modern Services

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A Taxi service, a cab or a Taxicab is a type of vehicle for hire with a driver, used by a single passenger or small group of passengers. A taxicab conveys passengers between locations of their choice. It differs from other modes of public transport where the pick-up and drop locations are pre-set. The demand responsive transport and share taxis provide a hybrid bus/taxi mode.

There are four distinct forms of a taxicab, and their names vary in different countries:

  • Public Hire or Street Taxis
  • Private Hire or Private Taxis
  • Taxi buses or Jitneys
  • Limousines or Specialised Luxury Taxis

Taxicabs spread around the world in the early 20th century. A major innovation after the invention of the taximeter occurred in the 1940s when two-way radios appeared in taxicabs. Radios enabled taxicabs and dispatch offices to communicate and serve customers more efficiently such as using call boxes. The next major innovation was related to using computers when Computers came to every industry in the World about 30 years before.

taxi serviceAirport Taxis as a Special Service:

It is observed that Airport Taxis has always been regulated to some extent and there is less opposition to these regulations as they are limited to only Airport Area and not citywide. The Airport may determine fare or organise different queues for taxi services of different qualities. There are also restrictions on how much time a Taxi can wait near the Airport gate, and many Airports charge heavily if the Taxi stands there for more time. Now the modern taxis are more comfortable, radio-controlled, air-conditioned and booking a cab is also very easy.

Taxis in Victoria:

Taxis are a part of public transport in Victoria. Significant reforms were made to the industry in 1994 under the Jeff Kennett government, including taxi colour. In 2013, the taxi regulations were relaxed to allow colours other than yellow.

The structure and regulation of the taxi industry in Victoria is complex, particularly in metropolitan Melbourne. Every taxi requires a licence, and one vehicle only is permitted to operate on each licence. The number of licences issued is restricted, but transfers of a licence can take place.

With all these rules and regulations getting relaxed, the quality of Taxi service has not gone down; in fact, it has increased. We provide the best Airport transfer services for our customers to-and-from all three Airports in the Metropolitan area. Do call us or send us a text message for the best experience in Airport transfers by standard cabs or Silver service.


Why Should You Use Taxi For Airport Transportation

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While using the Taxi for airport transportation, passengers face some common issues like inexperienced drivers, routes not known to drivers, etc. As a professional Taxi service, it becomes the responsibility of the service provider to make sure; these things are taken care in advance.

We are well-known Cab providers in the Metropolitan area, and with experience, we understand all these common issues and also know the solutions for the same. We make sure to have only experienced drivers drive our vehicles.

Experienced Drivers and Insured Cabs:

It is not only about providing a clean and tidy luxury cab as a vehicle to the passengers, but the Taxi service is much more than that. The fare should be exact; drivers should know major landmarks, all airports, railway stations, and suburbs. We make sure our drivers take care of these things and charge only the approved fare.

Do you know that the cab has to be insured to take care of any unforeseen events while carrying the passengers? We have taken care of this prime important factor and insured all the cars in our fleet. Along with luxury, safety is of prime importance, and we ensure it.

Why is Airport Taxi Service Different?

Airport transfers have a unique importance in the Taxi for airport transportation, because of the specific nature of the service. You need the taxi at the exact time, you need to reach in time but neither too early, not too late! Passengers won’t like to be at the Airport many hours before a domestic flight as well as they can’t reach at a time when they have to rush to reach the gate in time.

Another part of this service is the Airline companies changing the flight schedules! Your flight can be late by a couple of hours, and we may be at the departure end or arrival end, it affects the taxi service. A taxi service has to accommodate these changes without affecting other passengers, and that’s not an easy task. We try our best to accommodate all such requests from our customers with a smiling face, and that’s why they like us.

Why are we a Preferred Service?

CabInMinutes is a preferred Taxi service in this zone because we know our responsibilities, the drivers are knowledgeable, and strive their best to provide unique Airport pick up and drop services to all clients. If you have not yet experienced our standard or silver service, you should try once, and we are sure, you will always use our services later.

Choose CabInMinutes for Luxury Taxi Service

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As Luxury Taxi Service , we have follow certain rules and regulations.

Let us inform you as CabInMinutes customer more about this and how we use it to the benefit and safety of our passengers.

Our drivers are always show courtesy and helpfulness to our customers. They provide reasonable assistance to the passengers. It includes getting their luggages in and out of the cab as well as assist the passengers with a special needs.

They follow traffic rules, and they speak fluent English. They have a good understanding of routes throughout the Metropolitan area, and they take our passengers through the shortest and most direct possible route unless indicated a different route by our customers.  Drivers know the main destinations within their operating zone such as Airports, Railway Stations, and major event facilities.

Luxury Taxi Service

Our drivers never refuses a fare for the reason of being inconvenient for him or as a short trip. The only exceptions are, at the end of the driving shift, he can take the passengers on his home route and secondly, he can reject fare of an offensive passenger.

Most importantly our drivers are neat, clean and tidy in appearance and also our vehicles are clean. Our service operators charge the correct fare as per meter and as applicable under the Multi-Purpose Taxi Program unless a agreed set for for your trip.

All of our vehicles are Silver Service vehicles and it covers more facilities than standard taxis and customers get bigger and better cabs with more legroom and luxury service. The customers can get cool cabs with the facility of drinking water, magazines to read and also wifi service on vehicles.

A pre Taxi booking is also an important factor of customer service. In spite of providing all services, if the customer has to wait for a long time on a taxi rank. As a service provider, most taxi services provide different ways for booking the taxi in advance. The Airport transfer service should be available for all three airports within this operating zone.

24×7 Taxi Service

CabInMinutes understands above rules and regulations and follows it in the advantage of our esteemed customers. Apart from following all rules and norms for drivers and taxi; we ensure that you always get a nice and well-maintained cab. We always charge the correct fare and also announce discounts and offers for the benefit of passengers. Our service, whether regular or silver is always a special service at the best possible cost. Enjoy your travel with us!

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