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Convenient Melbourne Airport Taxi Service

By August 7, 2017cabinminutes

Melbourne Airport Taxi Service

Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, a Australian state. It has large population and considered as the second most populous city in Australia. It is a beautiful city and known officially as a “city by Queen Victoria”.  Melbourne is also considered as the World’s most livable city which has high scopes for in the field of tourism, sports, healthcare, entertainment, research and development etc. City of Melbourne is recognized as a UNESCO city of literature. It is also considered as a major center of theatre, street art and music. Melbourne airport which serves the state and the metropolis is known as Tullamarine Airport. It is the busiest airport in Australia. Easiest way of transport in Melbourne is by the taxi service provided. Melbourne airport taxi service are conducted and supervised by the Taxi Service Commission since 19th July 2013.

Impact of Taxi Service

The impacts of taxi services in Melbourne are far reaching and beyond. These taxis are painted yellow and on the other hand the taxis that operate during peak hours at night and on special events only, have painted green tops. In Melbourne taxis are charged on meter. Melbourne has large no. of wheelchair accessible taxis and a total no. of 4,660 licensed taxis.

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Melbourne to Airport Taxi Fare

Taxis are frequently available from Melbourne airport but are a bit expensive. Melbourne to airport Taxi fare are charged according to the location and the distance covered. You can find a large no. of car hire agencies near Melbourne airport as well as in the city. You can also plan for long trips by hired taxi service in Melbourne. Taxis are ranked in different designations. You can easily hire a taxi from the designated ranks if you do not have a pre booked taxi. You will find these taxis according to their ranks in the ground floor outside airport terminal 1 and in between terminal 2, 3 and 4. There are certain mobile apps such as Taxilink through which you can book your taxi.

Melbourne Taxi

When you are booking a taxi in advance, on public holidays, fares of  taxi in Melbourne vary. Making an electronic payment, when there is five or more passengers in the taxi, when you are using toll roads a fee of $ 3.58 will be added the exact fare. The charge is high when you are hiring a taxi from the airport. Prepaid taxis are available near the airport as well as in the city. You have to pay a prepaid fare as a deposit and the driver will provide a pickup facility from a designated location. You will be shown the actual fare after you reach your destination. Extra fare will be refunded to you in the form of credit, debit cash or EFTPOS.

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