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We Make Parcel Delivery Easy in Melbourne

By January 24, 2017cabinminutes

The Taxi service was always known only for transport requirements till they started operating as courier service also. In various countries across the World, there are public transports used for both passenger and parcel transfer. It includes Train, Buses, and Cabs also.

It is a good idea for taxi services operating between two points or round trip services. At many places, there are scheduled point to point services between specific locations, like two Offices of the same company. Combining the same with parcel delivery is always a good idea.

Have you ever needed to get a package to a friend across town but did not have the time or a car? Call a taxi. Have you ever needed an important package delivered on a national holiday but delivery services were not available? Call us!

Once you book a parcel delivery with us, the first available taxi cab will collect your parcel. Our professional Drivers are given specific instructions to ensure efficient parcel delivery. As you remember us for our efficient Airport pickup and drop services, we want you to remember us for our courier or parcel services also.

We can deliver your parcels, packages, flowers, hampers, garments, boxes, documents, products, gifts, office files, and anything else legal! We are the fastest and most reliable express delivery service in Melbourne.

We pick up your package and take it straight over to the recipient. For express deliveries, we use non-stop services. We neither put your package in another vehicle, not hand it over to someone else. These are personalised services for immediate needs.

Regular delivery companies charge a huge extra fee for immediate service. With ‘CabInMinutes’, it is what we do all the time, no extra charge & efficient service. Ask for a free quote now.

We have made this as a fastest and easiest way for individuals and businesses to deliver almost anything from one point to another as long as it is allowed by law to deliver the same. With online taxi booking service, you have an option to book your delivery from our website or by calling us.

Ask for different options like express delivery, delivery within a couple of hours or delivery on the same day. The charges differ as per size, weight and delivery time of the parcel. We have a good fleet which is now resourced for you courier needs also. You can expect the same level of service from us, which we provide for your transport.

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