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All You Need To Know About Melbourne Airport Taxi Midnight

By August 9, 2017cabinminutes

The most convenient mode of transport from the airport is the taxi service which are conducted and supervised by the taxi service commission of Melbourne since 19th July 2013. The taxis that operate during the day are painted yellow whereas the taxis that operate during peak hours at night and on special occasions only, have painted green tops. Melbourne Airport Taxi Midnight services are very safe, luxurious and easily available. In Melbourne taxi fares are calculated on meter. The city also has a total no. of 4,660 licensed taxis and a large no. of wheelchair accessible taxis. Prepaid taxis, shuttles are also available throughout the day.

Taxi Pick and Drop Facility

Pick and drop facility is available when you book a prepaid taxi or a taxi through some mobile apps. You can book a prepaid taxi online and pay a prepaid fare as deposit; the driver will pick you up from the designated location. After you reach your destination, you will be shown the actual fare. Extra fare received will refunded to you in the form of cash, credit, EFTPOS or debit. Melbourne airport taxi pickup is also available during the night. Taxi fares increase when you are hiring a taxi from the airport.

comfortable taxi and service

A Taxi Company

There are many taxi companies in Melbourne among which a taxi company named “CabInMinutes” is the best service provider. You can get access to luxurious taxis if you book your taxi through the company’s website. The website is user friendly and provides taxi service 24/7 from any location in Melbourne and beyond. You can even avail the convenient service from the airport, hotels, tours to nearby places. It also provides pick and drop facility as well as parcel pickup. The fares are affordable and their services are reliable.

There are many other taxi companies with midnight pick and drop facilities in Melbourne that you can avail which are Platinum Taxis, Silver Service Taxi Melbourne Airport, Melbourne Water Taxis, Melbourne Silver Cabs, Taxi Van Association, Melbourne Maxi Taxi and so on. Taxi number Melbourne are booking numbers which you can find through the company’s website. Do not forget to take the receipts from the driver as it contains information about the driver’s registration no., vehicle no., name of the taxi service provider, the fare details and the distance traveled. Availing taxis at midnight will cost you extra fare as per the rule of the taxi association of Melbourne.

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